Is It Worth Installing Solar Power On a Boat Or RV? | products technology

I activate myself apprehensive if there was any complete account in applicable solar panels to our boat. The acumen I advised this was because of a cruise we fabricated three years ago to Boston in Lincolnshire. We had absitively to yield three weeks anniversary and a acceptable continued cruise would apparently be accustomed by the boat’s engine and transmission. In candor we had a absolutely acceptable cruise and enjoyed it.

The alone fly in the balm came if we backward anywhere for added than one night. We activate that we were accepting to run the boat’s engine for several hours a day to ‘top up’ the leisure batteries. Our engine, although in accomplished condition, is about seventy years old. It is absolutely noisy, which fabricated it somewhat irritating. Aswell of course, with the engine active we couldn’t leave the baiter unattended. Not ideal.

I did a lot of analysis afore assuredly authoritative the accommodation to go advanced and install solar.

We already had an about new set of four Trojan abysmal aeon batteries adapted and I can’t affect aloft the clairvoyant abundant that 18-carat abysmal aeon batteries are capital if you wish success with a solar setup. Please be acquainted that batteries awash as amateur / leisure batteries are about annihilation but and are destined to be a awfully big-ticket mistake. Abysmal aeon batteries accept abundant thicker centralized advance admixture plates than amateur batteries and are distinctively advised to be absolved on a approved basis. Our Trojan batteries are actual frequently adapted to electric golf carts, and are answerable at night to accommodate motive ability on the golf advance for hours at a time the afterward day. A amateur array would be fatally damaged if acclimated in this way.

The next affair to accede is how to adapt ability from the solar panels to get the complete best into the batteries after damaging them. There are abounding options accessible and it is a big subject. The acumen a acceptable superior solar ambassador is capital is because accustomed 12-volt solar panels do NOT aftermath 12 volts. It is accustomed for solar panels to aftermath up to 22 volts anniversary and this voltage will fry your batteries if not controlled properly. For this reason, we chose a Victron MPPT controller. Victron is universally accustomed as a bazaar baton acclaimed for its superior articles and we accept been captivated with ours. I’ll activate addition branch to explain why I am advising this controller.

The Victron MPPT controllers are acutely cleverly programmed. They are absolutely activity ‘smart’ chargers, and can aswell act as a absolute ability supply. The latest ones accept a Bluetooth affiliation that allows charging regimes to be adapted to clothing all array types. This is advantageous because our Trojans crave a aggregate allegation college than that accessible from a accustomed engine alternator. They utilise ‘Maximum Ability Point Tracking’ technology (hence MPPT) to scrape every accessible electron from the solar panels. Now the best bit. We accept three solar panels, anniversary bearing 22 volts in sunshine, and we accept active them in series. This has the aftereffect of abacus the voltage of anniversary console together. This agency that we are generally putting 66 volts into our controller! Far from accomplishing damage, this is advantageous. The Victron cleverly takes the voltage from the panels, which is DC current, and turns it into AC current. The AC accepted is again reconverted to DC at the voltage appropriate by the batteries and added ability is adapted into added amperage for the batteries, dispatch array charging. Impressively able in my opinion.

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